Nagasa /blade length- 70.2cm

Motohaba- 3.2cm

Motokasane - 0.74cm

Sakihaba - 2.65cm

Sakikasane - 0.54cm

Nakago Length -26cm 

Sori/curvature - tori sori 1.8cm

kissaki -4cm

Tsuka Length - 26cm

Mekugi-ana- 1 


Fully functional live blade Shinken Katana "real sword"

Hand Forged,Clay tempered, T10, Water Quenched,DH,Hand polished full length

The edge hardness and resilient blade

Tameshigiri Polish,Visible Natural Prominent Hamon

Shinogi Zukuri with Geometric Yokote

Blacked Cupronickel wave theme tsuba, fuchi,kasshira, kojiri,menuki

Handmade Brass Habaki 

Full tang,Very tightly alternate & HISHI-GAMI TSUKAMAKI

Bamboo one Mekugi Peg

Authentic blacked same tsuka

Dark red saya

Buffalo Horn Koiguchi ,Kurikata

Can be disassembled for maintanence

Comes with black cotton thick sword bag

MAINTENANCE: To maintain the blade simply wipe off the old oil with a rice paper. Then cover it with lime by dabbing the cotton ball against the blade. then again wipe off the old oil with a rice paper and soak the cotton cloth with oil. You should normally clean the blade after every use or every 3-4 weeks.

we do accept custom orders, such as Types of Blades,curvature, Blade Lamination Methods, heat treatment, materials, etc.You can also send us your fitting.We will help you to build a full compliance with your own swords.

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High Quality Nami Koshirae Hishi-Gami Suguha Hamon Japanese Sword

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