Nagasa /blade length- 71cm

 Motohaba- 3.2cm

 Motokasane - 0.75cm

 Sakihaba - 2.4cm

 Sakikasane - 0.5cm

 Nakago Length -26cm 

 Sori/curvature - tori sori 1.8cm

 Chu kissaki -4cm

 Tsuka Length - 26 cm

 Mekugi-ana- 1 


 Fully functional live blade Shinken Katana "real sword"

 Hand Forged,Clay tempered T10, Water Quenched,DH,high level Hand polished full length

 The edge hardness and resilient blade

 Tameshigiri Polished,Visible Natural Prominent Choji Hamon

 Shinogi Zukuri with Geometric Yokote

 Bamboo one Mekugi Peg

 Africa Rosewood Saya

 Can be disassembled for maintanence

 Comes with silk sword bag

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Handmade High Quality Shinogi Zukuri Choji Red Wood Shirasaya Japanese Sword

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