Nagasa /blade length- 71cm

  Motohaba- 3.2cm

  Motokasane - 0.76cm

  Sakihaba - 2.4cm

  Sakikasane - 0.5cm

  Nakago Length -26.5cm 

  Sori/curvature - tori sori 1.8cm

  Chu kissaki -4.5cm

  Tsuka Length - 26cm

  Mekugi-ana- 2 

  weight- 980g(without saya)

Fully functional live blade Shinken Katana "real sword"

Hand Forged, 9260 steel,Oil Quenched,TH,Hand&machine polished

Kogarasu-maru with Shinken Bohi

Full tang,Very tightly alternate &  HISHI-GAMI TSUKAMAKI

Bamboo two Mekugi Peg

Authentic white same tsuka

Brown ito&Sageo

Black gloss finish Lacquered saya

Can be disassembled for maintanence

Comes with cotton sword bag


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Hand Forged Kogarasu-Maru Kissaki Moroha Zukuri Hishi-Gami Shinken Mat Cutter

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